Tuesday, February 9, 2010

College Time memories-2

Fitting Workshop

First put on the khaki lab-coats. You definitely don't enjoy it in the Indian summer with temperatures hovering around 40 degree Celsius plus.
The lab technician gives you a job, a metal plate to be filed and a hole rectangular hole in the center. A file nobody knows of which generation is issued to help in the process.
A good hour or so is spent and finally you feel you have prepared the best piece.
The lab technician reviews it with the Try square, with a grin on its face, says " There's still some light passing from the top. Need to be further filed". You curse your luck start again.
After another hour you approach him again hoping this is the best.
Well, the technician still manages to see some light somehow through the Try Square or rather invent it.

At the scheduled end of three hours, the technician comes back and like an angel says, "Guys finish up, write your roll numbers on the job, and its over for today". Well but the job that you have created is worse than before. Doesn't matter, you have spent the required three hours on the shop, and prepare for the next ordeal in the next workshop with a new job.


Tej said...

You remember there was a was one grumpy technician in machine shop who used to get angered on small events. Man he used to put so much pressure. If your tool has been mispositioned or something then how he used to get angry. Once was angry on Nikhil and I wondered "Aj to yeh gaya Nikhil ke hathon se".

Santosh kumar sharma said...

Are you sure that the grumpy guy was int he fitting workshop. I think he was part of the Machine shop. He was once too upset with me, but that's part of a different blog some time later.